Pamela Anderson’s New Ad Campaign Deemed Too Raunchy to Run | Did L.A. Auditions for 'Idol' Suck?

Pamela Anderson’s New Ad Campaign Deemed Too Raunchy to Run

Actress turned animal rights activist Pamela Anderson recently shot a provocative PETA campaign entitled "Cruelty Doesn’t Fly’ in which she acts as a scantily-clad airport security guard who strips passengers (including Steve-O and Andy Dick) of their animal skins, leather and fur. The organization intended to debut the spot in all three New York City airports over Fashion Week and later this fall in the other 45 major airports serviced by CNN Airport Network, but much to Anderson’s surprise it was the quirky commercial that was given the no-fly zone.

"I don’t think it’s that provocative, they showed a couple of bare butts. I am shocked, I thought we were a little more evolved," Anderson told Tarts. "Its funny and light-hearted, it draws attention to something that’s really ugly and abusive. It’s a really important message with something that’s sexy and easy to digest. Adults project there own hang-ups onto kids and that was one of the reasons they didn’t show it."

Although the former "Baywatch" babe admitted that her own sons, aged 13 and 11, haven’t seen their mama get down and dirty for the cause.

"I don’t show my kids too much stuff I do. When they go to career day they think mommy rescues animals and daddy is a rockstar but I don’t mix the two," Anderson added.

Aside from being traumatized as a young child after seeing a "deer upside down with no head dripping blood into a bucket" (her father was a hunter for a brief period until she talked him out of it), Anderson’s passion was ignited while running up and down on the beach in slow motion.

"When I was on Baywatch and I was doing all these interviews I was talking about all these senseless things like my boobs and my boyfriend," she said. "I figured there had to be a way to talk about something more important, I knew I’d rather ‘go naked than wear fur’ so I incorporated in that obsession."

Obsession indeed - the stunning 42-year-old (who by the way said she stays in shape by being vegetarian and doesn’t really work out) is busy getting ready to launch her Andy Warhol-inspired cruelty free fashion line with Richie Rich and her non-animal tested perfume "Malibu." But given the resurgence of 90’s soapies 90210 and Melrose Place, Pammy hasn’t ruled out a return to Baywatch’s red bikini.

"It was the best job in the world, TV is missing that beachy sexy thing," she added. "And still, my kids haven’t seen it."

Did L.A. Auditions for 'Idol' Suck?

The judges hit up Hollywood last week in the search for the next "American Idol", but it seems they were less than impressed with the talent that turned up.

"LA was rough seas, we have a lot of yellow tickets left. I think that there was a combination of having a guest judge (Avril Lavigne) who really felt a lot of people were not ready to go through and I could totally understand why she was saying that," Kara DioGuardi said. "I was surprised because I always think of L.A. as a lot of people who come here to pursue their dream that maybe they’re in classes or taking lessons or doing it twenty-four seven. So I really thought going in we’d have tremendous talent…"

Randy Jackson agreed that there was only "a couple of good boys and girls" but he certainly wasn’t "blown out of the water" and even host Ryan Seacrest was disappointed.

"Yesterday was not our best day. Yesterday they (the judges) struggled to give out golden tickets," he said. "It’s Hollywood, these contestants are used to auditioning but we didn’t come up with the ton of talent here yesterday."