Pamela Anderson Tells Finnish President To Ban Fur Farms in Finland

Free the Finnish fur foxes, Pamela Anderson says.

After arriving Thursday to host a music festival west of Helsinki, Anderson told Finnish President Tarja Halonen in a letter that her nation should emulate other countries that have banned fur farms.

"It's time for Finland to move into the 21st century and follow suit," said Anderson, whose great-grandfather was Finnish. The letter was distributed to the media by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Finland's fur auctioneers said the appeal was unrealistic. "It's not surprising coming from her, a known anti-fur campaigner," said Paivi Mononen-Mikkila, a spokeswoman for the Finnish Fur Sales auction house. "It's really not realistic as so many people earn their livelihood from the fur trade."

Finland, one of Europe's top fur producers, has 1,400 farms that produce about two million fox furs annually. The industry employs 10,000 people.

Halonen's office acknowledged receiving the letter but declined comment.