The professor in Florida, Sami Al-Arian, is fighting to keep his job and his paycheck.

The University of South Florida is trying to fire him because of what it and others believe are his ties to terror.

Al-Arian argues that a judge has already ruled he has no ties to terror. The judge made that ruling in 1995, but I doubt he'd make the same ruling today. Back then, we couldn't connect the dots, but today we can.

Al-Arian has been a fund-raiser for Hamas and Islamic Jihad. But don't take my word for it. Look at his own letters and speeches recorded on videotape.

Al-Arian says it's a witch hunt, a new McCarthy era, but it's not. We're looking for terrorists and supporters of terror now, and he fits the bill.

Does he have freedom of speech? Sure. Can he say he hates Israel and wants the Palestinians to get their land back? Sure. Can he raise money for martyr bombers? Not any more, he can't. It's against the law.

Plus... he shouldn't be able to use tenure at the University of South Florida to protect him when he's been exposed.

Al-Arian has his constitutional rights intact, but the university will likely succeed in firing him, no matter how many times he quotes Patrick Henry and wraps himself in the flag.

Our Constitution is precious, but we can't let people use it as cover while they plot terror against us.

Al-Arian... the jig is up. You're busted.

That's My Word.

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