Photographs posted in the Foxnews.com story Suicide Blast Rocks Jerusalem After Israelis Come Close to Hitting Arafat in Ramallah" ignited a charged response from readers, who felt the pictures of Palestinian victims of the Israeli assault put a one-sided slant on the article.

Readers said the photograph, which showed a Palestinian family crouched against a wall after fleeing their home near Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's headquarters, was not balanced with photographs of the Israeli casualties of the suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

Here's a sample of this week's mail:

— Really, your selection of the photo of the parents hovering over their children on the "wall" near Arafat's office building is reminiscent of the photo selections scene during the movie "Wag the Dog."  Why do you not show the massacred and limbless bodies of the victims of Ben Yahooda Street. I have yet to see any Jews shown as bloody victims of these atrocious terrorists bombings. Last I remember, Israel was a nation-state. It is the defender of everything we Americans stand for. Why is it that you do not quote Mr. Arafat's words to the Arab speaking world, which words are 180 degrees counter to the words to the Western press, and only report on his "condemnations of these terrorist attacks."

Please show some accurate and truthful reporting. Your protected freedoms as a press outlet does not entitle you to such misrepresentations. You should revisit the archives of FDR, who when speaking to the citizens and the press of the country nearly 60 years ago said that the press is a responsible citizen who shall speak the truth and not report "rumor, half-truth," or as he called it "ugly little lies," which in wartime, spread like wildfire. He said that the press is free to report, and has every right to report the truth, but it shall bear a huge responsibility of doing so "in the ethics of patriotism," it shall not be the voice of the enemy, and not the voice of rumors.  The speech to the nation, was on December 9,

I am disappointed in the American press...Idea:Take a three hour time slot from Sunday night programming (cartoons for parents) and give them a world current events lesson. Inform them that, yes Mr. Whopper eating American, while you were stuffing your face and while your govenment's leaders fought for face time on TV (saying nothing for the past 8-9 years) our enemy has taken aim on us. Please use your skills and tools to wake up and educate your fellow citizens.


— Since when did you turn into CNN? Which side is the one targeting innocent women and children?
If the writer were intellectually honest, then he/she should be saying the U.S. is guilty for responding to Sept. 11 the same way Israel is responding to attacks on them. Shame on you. If this is the kind of reporting you will do, I'll go back to CNN, and not miss a thing.

— This article makes it sound like Israel is targeting children, and poor PLO they know not what they do. Give me a break.

— Israel does have a right to defend itself. It is there land and they are being attacked. It would be an "injustice" for them not to take serious counter-attacks against a people who call for the extinction of Jews and Christians, or anyone else other than Islam. Israel has more than the right, but the obligation to retaliate and defend themselves.

— Sooner or later, President Bush and his administration is going to have to take a side and stand with Israel. Going on record that Arafat must be stopped before anything else can take place in the peace process, is a must at this point in time and I think we all agree that time is very short.

— I can't believe the pictures and statements you took of the Palestinians.  It is horrible that this war has to happen, but you are always siding with the Palestinians. Israel has been under attack by them for years, but you don't emphasize how devastating it has been for the Israelis.  Shame on you!

— Mr. Arafat has toned down the rhetoric from years ago. But, that was only the talk. His aim from the beginning was to destroy any part of Israel. And still is. I think that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has the right idea. Destroy Arafat's organization first, then if he does not stop his wave of terrorism, put him in his sights. I have always put Arafat and Usama bin Laden in the same pot. Shake it up and pour them out and there are no differences.

Garett R. Nadrich is the editor of When Teens Write at www.teenwriters.net