Palestinian Gunmen Free Family of British Hostages

A British aid worker and her parents were released from captivity late Friday, two days after gunmen seized the family in the southern Gaza Strip, a Palestinian official said.

Palestinian mediator Kamal Sharafi gave no further details, including where the family was released.

A small group claimed responsibility for kidnapping of British citizens and called their release a "goodwill gesture."

Kate Burton, 25, a worker with the Al-Mezan human rights group in Gaza, was kidnapped with her parents Wednesday by Palestinian gunmen in the southern town of Rafah. There was no claim of responsibility, and officials did not say what demands the kidnappers had made.

Jamil Sarhan, Mezan's executive director, said the family was "fine, in good health."

The kidnapping was the latest in a string of abductions of foreigners in recent months, underlining the inability of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to impose law and order in the coastal strip since Israel withdrew from the area in September. The growing unrest has threatened to weaken Abbas ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled next month.

Palestinian official Saeb Erekat said he was pleased the hostages had been released. "We urge all Palestinians to make this incident the last of the kidnappings of foreigners or anybody else," he said. "The harms and destroys Palestinian interests."

Palestinian officials worked closely with British diplomats to secure the hostages' release. A British diplomat confirmed the hostages had been freed.

In previous abductions, the kidnappers have sought jobs in the Palestinian security forces, the release of imprisoned relatives or other personal favors. In all cases, the victims have been released safely.

Abbas' critics have accused him of giving in to kidnappers' demands, thereby encouraging more abductions.