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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Since the passage of the stimulus bill, $787 billion have been dispersed around the country, but where exactly has that money gone? Well, the Pajamas TV reporter Steve Crowder, he set out to find out what's happening, and he produced a video documenting what he found. Let's take a look.


STEVE CROWDER, DOCUMENTED STIMULUS SPENDING: So this is what 3.5 million gets you. An old glue can and a Carl's Jr. cup.

I get that this could actually be a really nice place. But is it really something that you think our tax dollars should pay for?

You are looking at another stimulus project, 1.3 mile walking path around Lake Ladybird. This is in Austin — Austin, Texas. Eighteen million dollars. You're looking at it.

Oh, gosh. Anything to say about the bike path?


HANNITY: All right. Joining me to discuss all of this is Pajamas TV reporter Steven Crowder.

Video: Watch Sean's interview

Steve, you crack me up.

CROWDER: Thank you.

HANNITY: So just tell everybody what you did. You went to all those sites where we spent all this money, the skate park and everything. Tell us what you found.

CROWDER: Right. Basically, what I did was I went out across the country. Stimulus projects right now were getting huge gobs of money. And people know that tons of money is being spent. But they're at home, and they say, "What's $1 trillion?"

So we put a face to it, said OK, $3.5 million here for the Salton City (ph) Yacht Club, $350 million for this hotel so people can actually see it and see their tax dollars at work.

HANNITY: And then that's a skateboard park. I mean, we did the whole hour, and we touched — barely touched the surface. We called it "Waste 101."


HANNITY: When most people see this, you almost have to see it to say, "Why is my hard-earned money going to that?"

CROWDER: That's what's so necessary. I mean, there's a few facts and statistics in this video. But like I said, it really puts a face to it.

So American — right now, we're at a point in time where our American president has essentially become a shady car salesman. It's good for them to see this and go, "Really? My tax dollars are going to that yacht club?"

HANNITY: Can you believe what we were debating earlier tonight? I mean, the idea that our government, at this time where we quadruple the debt and deficit. Now they're going to buy a fleet of private jets from, you know, four congressmen, four of these elected officials. I mean, what do you think it is? Are they just that out of touch or?

CROWDER: I think they must be eco-friendly jets. No, Sean. I think they're...

HANNITY: There's such a thing?

CROWDER: No. Of course, they're never Lori David. She'd still drive her Ranger over, and she'd fly from L.A. to New York every single week. They're completely out of touch. And just, you know, showing this a video completely puts that on display.

HANNITY: Let's roll some of the others. For example, you asked, "What are you doing at the health care protest?" Let's roll this video here that we have.


CROWDER: What are you doing here at the health care protest? Pastel purple, clearly some kind of gang color?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am totally against the bill they have out now, HR3200.

CROWDER: OK, Nancy. Calm down. You're in a safe place with people who care about you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well I think this is a meeting of everyday Americans. You know, wanting to know what's going on.

CROWDER: So you think that as an American citizen, you have the right to know?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's right. I have a right to know. I have a right to know anything I want to know. This is a free country.


HANNITY: All right. You were out there. Let me ask your observation. Were these mobsters? Were these Tim McVeigh sympathizers? Nazi sympathizers? Should they shut up as Obama said? Are they un-American?

CROWDER: All of the above.

HANNITY: They are? All these people?

CROWDER: I think I saw some shivs in the audience. I was afraid of being shanked.

No, of course not. These are people with their — with their wives and their children. They were — you couldn't have a more peaceful protest.

If you want to see a violent, unruly gathering, go to a liberal gathering, like Woodstock. Either the original or '99. These people left the place cleaner than they found it.

HANNITY: But this is the thing now. The Democratic Party has targeted, you know, democracy in action, freedom of speech. What do you think? When you're out there and now that they're being attacked, what are they saying to you?

CROWDER: You know, I think they're trying to write a narrative for 2010 with all the flagging campaign and painting them as angry mobsters. I think in 2010, they want to say, "This bill didn't get passed because of these terrible people." And I think that may be a catalyst for, you see, the Fairness Doctrine to rear its ugly head again. They're going to go Mel Gibson in "Patriot" and try and take out the commanding officers. That's what they're doing right now.

HANNITY: That's great. And by the way, which is one of the greatest scenes. One of my favorite movies.

Steven, great work, as always. Thank you.

CROWDER: Thank you so much.

HANNITY: We always appreciate having you back.

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