Painting a Complete Picture

I remember when I first started out as a print reporter, I covered a local school board hearing. It was fairly uneventful with the board at the time nearly unanimously voting for a new funding initiative to expand the local high school.

Yet when I watched TV coverage that same night -- yes, this was a small market -- the story was completely different. The reporter, who just dashed in and out of the meeting, mind you, focused on the one board member who opposed the funding.

Looking at that report, you'd think it was a big fight. But it was no such thing. I learned something then: The media often times gets it wrong. And now I think it's getting this Iraq (search) thing wrong.

The media talks up a president in trouble there, but says nothing of his successes there: the shops doing business again, the residents worshiping again, the power and water returning again.

You'd think the U.S. is alone there. You'd never know there are 27 other countries with us there.

You'd think the whole world is laughing at us. But both Germany and Russia are more with us. It's France that's opposed to us. Why is that?

The French say it's because we're delaying democracy in Iraq. This from the same people who had not one lick of trouble selling stinger missiles to Iraq. The country that says free the Bedouins, had no problem dealing with a butcher, who liked to kill the Bedouins.

Beware people who say they're on the side of good, yet have no trouble dealing with devils.

Beware reporting that those people represent all people, or all views.

Cover them, but for God's sake, quit worshiping them.

I'm not saying, let's get even. I am saying, let's get real.

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