P. Diddy, Chris Martin and Cameron and Justin

Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs buying the Knicks? Paying off the paparazzi, plus Cameron and Justin sitting in a tree...

P. Diddy wants to puff up the New York Knicks? Yep, he told Howard Stern the other day that he wants to buy the team. The apparent reaction of the Knicks: Get-outta-here. P-Diddy says the team is not taking his calls. Even so, he believes he could do a good job running the club. We'll, they'd be well dressed.

Coldplay singer Chris Martin wants the photographers to buzz off so much he's willing to pay them. The Daily Telegraph reports Martin went to photographers camped outside his hotel in Sydney, Australia, and asked them not to follow him and his girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow. Martin offered to pay three photographers whatever their picture would be worth. No word on whether the photographer took Martin up on his offer.

Finally, from the 'say it isn't so, Cameron Diaz department'. The New York Post confirms that she was "sucking face" in the middle of a Miami Beach restaurant with -- yes -- hold your stomachs -- Justin Timberlake. Someone explain this to me. Does he know hypnosis?