You know, there are a lot of weird people on this planet. Generally, I don't mind them. I think a lot of us are weird, in different ways. But some are different in real different ways.

Like Michael Jackson (search).

I don't know what to make of these latest accusations. But I do know what to make of him. He's odd and always has been.

A gifted musician, mind you, but a weird one.

But none of that seemed to matter. Some folks are so talented that we forget the fact they're so weird.

Woody Allen (search) is talented -- very talented. But marrying his adopted daughter -- that's weird.

Prince (search) -- who became the symbol formerly known as Prince -- is beyond weird. But his music's beyond brilliant.

So we cut Woody and Prince and Michael some slack. We forgive their oddities. We wink at their aloofness. It's the quirk that impresses.

Our quirks aren't so forgivable.

If we're too odd on the job, we're not long for that job.

If we don't get along with others, we're not long working with others.

Some buck the tide -- like celebrities. Most don't -- like us.

Then we hear incredible things about a celebrity and we're shocked and offended and appalled -- as if any of this is new.

It's just our reaction that is odd.

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