Out-of-the-Ordinary NewsFor the Week of October 24

Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Greed Bay

It was a typical morning commute in Green Bay (search), Wisconsin, until the weather started to change. Visibility got worse. A green hue came over the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge. Traffic came to a standstill. People hopped out of their cars, jumped dividers and nearly caused a few accidents because it was raining — raining $20 bills.

Police say a bag filled with $20s fell from an armored truck and began falling into the river. People were stuffing as much as they could in their pockets and speeding off. Cops say of the $80,000 in the bag, 72 "Gs" were recovered. But none of it willingly. They're asking people to be honest and give back the rest because technically it's stealing — not "finders keepers."

Big Ben Poser

Just about every young man dreams of becoming a NFL quarterback. Some even wear the jerseys of their favorite players on game days or pose as those players on Halloween. But one man in the Pittsburgh area is taking that one step further.

Police say he pretended to be Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (search) in order to get a date. They say he tried it with two women, even giving one of them an autographed football and signing Roethlisberger's name on a jersey.

A judge fined the guy $300 for disorderly conduct.

Lost and Found

He just about gave up hope that he'd ever find his wallet. Air Force Staff Sgt. Robert Gibson lost it when he was taking a hot shower at a bus station in Pittsburgh. He was on his way home to West Virginia. But he wasn't on his way home from Iraq or Afghanistan. He was on his way back from Germany — 43 years ago. He says the wallet was stolen in 1962.

He recently got a call from an Army captain who said a guy found it at the former Greyhound station that's now slated to be demolished. The man tracked him down by the Air Force I.D. card that was still inside. The $300 he had in it was gone. That's roughly $1800 in 2005 money.