Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...


Robert Brooks was able to avoid hitting the deer. But he couldn't stop the deer from hitting him.

You see, Robert was driving this week in the San Francisco area when a deer leapt into the road. He swerved, then pulled over to check and see whether he hit the thing. Turns out he missed it. But just then, as he was checking for damage, the incident the highway patrol calls a "one-in-a-million," another car hit another deer and the deer plowed into Robert.

He was treated for a broken ankle. Police are calling it all a little "ironic."

Bra, Bra, Black Sheep

He was clearly lost and out of his element, wandering down the hall of a dorm on the campus of Stonehill College in Massachusetts. Worst of all, he was wearing nothing — other than a wool coat and a bra that was spray-painted onto his body.

School officials were not amused after finding the black sheep, but they weren't surprised either. A similar prank happened last year before a rugby player confessed. Now the school is suspending the entire team until the culprit steps forward.

As for the sheep, he's back at a nearby pasture showing off his new threads.

Puppy Love

They were in love. Everywhere one went, the other followed. And everyone thought they were meant for each other. So it was only natural for Bobby and Grace to get married. So they did, in front of a crowd of about 70 friends and family members.

The pugs joined paws as the song "Who Let the Dogs Out" played on the stereo. After the ceremony, the newlyweds got to feast on a bone-shaped cake with dog-friendly ingredients. As for the honeymoon, the dogs' owners say they have to think about it.

Candidate Who Doesn't Want Votes

He's been in office for 10 years and handled duties like presiding over weddings and the July 4th parade. Now the mayor of Montrose, Pennsylvania, population 1600, says he's had enough. He's begging people not to vote for him Tuesday, even though he's the only guy on the ballot.

Mayor Thomas Lamont says he'll resign from the $900 a year job if he's re-elected. A couple of people have now started write-in campaigns.