Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Dissing 'Dukes'

A lot of folks are pumped up about the return of "Dukes of Hazzard (search)." But not Cooter.

Ben Jones (search) — who played Cooter on the classic TV series and went on to become a Georgia congressman — is giving a big thumbs down to the movie version of the show which premieres next month. He says he read the script and that it was filled with cuss words and dirty references. He's urging fans to "hold their noses" and turn away, comparing it to taking "I Love Lucy" and turning Lucy into a crackhead.

Cruisin' from the Law

A guy in Michigan was already in trouble with police when they arrested him. But now he's in even more trouble. He was wearing cuffs, sitting in the back seat of a cruiser when he split — driving away in the cop's cruiser. Nearly six hours later, police found the car but not the suspect.

At last word, he's still on the run. Police say it's not clear where the arresting officers were when the guy got away. As for how he escaped: They say it's possible the cuffs weren't on tight enough.