Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Sticker Shock

Gas prices. They just keep going up. And the government warned us that we'd be paying more for gas to keep our houses warm this winter. But no kind of warning could have prepared an Ohio man for the sticker shock he got.

Lewis Miller joked with his son as he opened his gas bill that the total would probably give him a heart attack. And it almost did. His bill was $8,095 for only nine days of service!

Miller got the bill on a Friday and had to wait until Monday to get it fixed. The gas company sorted it all out and apologized for the error.

Tossed Lettuce Cost a Lot of Cabbage

A Pennsylvania woman had just stopped at a McDonald's and pulled into a parking lot to chow down. She tossed out the window the top half-dozen or so pieces of lettuce from her salad. That's when she was fined $174 — for littering.

Now she wants to "lettuce" hear her side. She says lettuce comes from the ground so it can go back there adding, "It's biodegradable. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong."

She says she's going to bring a fresh salad to show the judge when she appeals.

Today Stinks

Having a bad day today? Well there's nothing you can do about it. It's all a matter of science, according to one expert.

A Welsh health psychologist says that today (January 23) is the worst day of the year. He actually has a formula for it. Take into consideration that the holidays are over, people are back at work and the weather's just depressing.

The doc says if you can't get away, exercise can help. It will release a sense of well-being. And if you can make it to June 23 you're in the clear because that's the best day of the year.