Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

Last Call

A group of Belgian monks lead a simple life — a life of seclusion, prayer, peace and meditation. But man can they brew some beer!

In fact, thousands of online voters rated their suds number one in the world on RateBeer.com. Word spread of Belgium's best to bars and speakeasies around the globe. But the monks couldn't keep up with the demand. And now it's last call.

A message on the their so-called "beer phone" says, "Our shop is closed because all our beer has been sold out." One of the monks says that they're not boosting production because life in the Abbey comes first — not the brewery.

Mad Mailman

Not one person in an Italian community received anything in the mail the entire month of March. Not a single letter or package. Some people even had their electricity cut off after failing to pay bills they never received.

Now, police say they know what caused the problem. They say the mailman was too lazy to do his job. Instead, he just let the mail pile up in his home.

Selling Spuds for Suds

Police in Buffalo, N.Y., say they arrested a man who stole a potato chip delivery truck. The cops say the delivery guy left the keys in the ignition, so the suspect jumped behind the wheel and took off. It was a big heist. But the crook wasn't thinking big. Probably wasn't thinking much at all because he was pretty drunk, according to police. And he didn't have the muchies. He didn't even want the cash.

Police say he walked out of the truck with a bag of chips and tried to sell the whole truck — and the inventory — for $5 because... he just needed a beer.

He was charged with DWI and grand larceny.

Dialing Dog

A New Jersey woman was a little confused when a squad of cop cars raced to her home. The officers said that someone called 911 three times. They couldn't make out what was happening on the other end of the line — only some heavy panting.

You see, the woman insists it was her dog that called 911 and that she warned police that she would be working with the pooch. She says she was training the dog to call for help by knocking the phone off the hook and using his paw to step on the keys.

Now "Fido" is in the doghouse and the woman was charged with disorderly conduct.

Forget Me Not

There are those people who always seem to forget things: their keys, their wallet, birthdays.
But get a load of this. A guy was on a road trip in Italy with his wife and daughter when he stopped to get gas. He filled up the tank and then took off, without realizing he left something behind — his wife!

Apparently, she had gone to the bathroom without saying anything. The woman was alone for hours with no money and no identification. Still, she managed to get in touch with authorities, who tracked down her husband more than 200 miles away. The guy says he didn't miss his wife because she always sat in the back with their kid.