I got an e-mail today from an outraged viewer who is a Saudi Arabian.

He is outraged because he thinks I'm picking on Saudis and thinks we should butt out of Saudi Arabia's business. This came after I complained that the Saudis were proving to be not very good friends.

Not only did we have 15 of the 19 hijackers who were either Saudis or faked themselves as Saudis and got their visas through Saudi Arabia, but we have this ridiculous deal where Saudi Arabia doesn't cooperate with our law enforcement or intelligence agencies as we try to track down terrorists, sometimes their terrorists.

They did it with the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia and they're doing it again with the Trade Center attack. Our guys say: Hey, we would like information on these 15 Saudis who hijacked jets and ran them into tall buildings. And the Saudis say: Sit, have tea, let's talk about those impressive fighter jets of yours and our nice, thick, black oil.

The Saudi e-mailer says the kingdom, as he kept referring to it, the kingdom, would arrest someone when and if the kingdom saw fit and the kingdom didn't need our advice or our butting into the kingdom's internal affairs.

I wrote back and told his Saudi-ness to bugger off.

And I'll repeat it on the air: We had 5,000 people die. That's 1/6th of the entire Saudi royal family, which by the way, is only as royal as our billions of dollars makes it.

And remember the super Saudi rich prince who got his $10 million check thrown back in his face by Mayor Giuliani a few weeks ago? The mystified Prince Alwaleed wrote in The New York Times today that he fears a rift is developing between two old friends, Saudi Arabia and America.

Hey, Princey boy, cough up the files on the 15 Saudi Wahabi geeks who hijacked our planes. And by the way, Princey, it appears we're propping up a thoroughly corrupt and hated regime in Saudi Arabia. Your own people would evidently kill you if you weren't using so much of our oil money to surround yourself with security and our jet fighters from keeping Saddam from sending you screeching in fear to London.

But what's our choice? We have to put up with these corrupt phonies because it has gone on so long, their successors would likely be bug-eyed Islamic fanatics who think 72 virgins are waiting for them in paradise after they die killing us. This is getting ugly. Frankly, I don't like either choice.

It may not be definitive, but that's My Word.

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