"The first thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to quit digging."

America seems to be in a hole both economically and morally. But it doesn't help when our leaders keep digging.

With every announcement by the government that it's going to fix the economy, the economy gets worse.

It sounds very simple to say that rich people are the ones who will have to pay more taxes and that it will only affect the top one percent of wage earners. Truth is, it really won't affect them all that much.

They won't like it, but there won't likely be big lifestyle adjustments for that top one percent. The effect will likely be felt more by the remaining 99 percent.

Hitting a small business owner who grosses over $250,000 a year and employs a person or two with the added costs of taxes will make him cut costs.

Some things can't be cut, like rent, utilities, or raw materials. The one area of flexibility is in personnel.

If you work for someone who makes over $250,000, are you sure it's good that your employer is going to have to pay more in taxes?

Just remember, he isn't likely to lay himself off or cut his own paycheck. You are the one who gets laid off or sees a reduction in pay, not him.

I'm not saying this to make you think that's unfair. It's very fair since he's got the most at risk.

One reason I think our current tax system needs to be thrown overboard along with the IRS, and replaced with the fair tax where we pay taxes on our consumption and not our productivity, is so we all have some ownership in the system.

People with more money will still pay more taxes because they will spend more, but they won't be punished for what they earn and how hard they work.

Democrats and Republicans love to fight over tax cuts, but what matters even more: How to let every American hold on to more of what is theirs, no matter where they are on the economic scale.

Then it's not class warfare of the rich vs. the poor, but the free vs. the enslaved.

If you are working for the government more than for you family, you aren't as free as you ought to be. The government has dug a hole and put you in it. It's time they quit digging the hole.

That's my view, I would love to hear yours. E-mail your comments to: huckmail@foxnews.com