Millions of American kids are facing big trouble.  That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

As you may know, I used to teach high school in Dade County, Florida--the Miami area.  I've kept in touch with some of the teachers I worked with down there and have an interesting story to tell you.  Dade County is the country's fourth largest school district, and like most systems, it has academic problems.

A few weeks ago, my friend who teaches history at one of the largest schools in South Florida, gave his final exam.  Sixty percent of his students failed, despite the fact that the test was multiple choice and the man had  issued a similar "sample" test a few days before.  My friend only failed a  few students for the year, however, because the principal is held  accountable for all failures in Dade.  And the principal made it quite clear to the teachers that they better not hand out too many F's.

Now American history is not a difficult subject like algebra or  biology.  It's basically reading and only requires some effort and a small  amount of discipline.  Sixty percent of more than 100 students failed the test simply because they were lazy and apathetic.

In the parent teacher conference held at the school, less than 30 percent of the parents showed up.  There's your problem right there.   However, it's the children who will suffer.  How could these kids possibly compete and earn a decent living if they don't have enough drive to pass a simple test.

Later on in this broadcast, we'll tell you about the millions of  American families who can't make it, who do not have enough money to pay their bills.  This problem is going to get a lot worse in the next 20 years because millions of kids are not being forced to learn, are not being taught basic academics.

Many on the left scream that the gap between the rich and the poor is  growing.  You bet it is.  If you can't read, you're going to be poor.  If  you're lazy and irresponsible, you're not going to make it in our competitive society.  The principal of that school in Miami knows that.  He doesn't care.  My friend, the teacher knows it well, but there's little he can do.

Our public school system is not forcing students to be responsible.   And that means big trouble on the horizon for all of us in the USA.  And that's the memo. 

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."  In  Maryland, a couple left their 9-month-old twins in a sweltering car while  they went to court.  Thirty-six-year-old Darrell Holliday is charged with theft.  His companion,  Kimberly Walton, apparently wanted to lend him some moral support.  In the meantime, the babies were in grave danger in that  car.

And luckily, a couple of police officers noticed them and removed  them.  The babies are now in the hospital, but they're OK.  The couple is charged with reckless endangerment.

Of course, the whole trend is ridiculous.  But we'll capri -- but we will com -- we will keep reporting on it -- makes me so mad I can't even speak -- until society decides to get tough because it's the only thing that's going to help these poor children of idiot parents.

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