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For personal reasons I was stuck in London (search) for about a month. Now, London’s not a bad place to be stuck, but it is very expensive. From food to clothing to bus fares to real estate... everything in London is about twice as expensive as pricey New York City (search).

When I scoffed at paying over $30 to wash and dry just one load of clothes, the Laundromat owner laughed and dared me to find a better price. I didn’t.

On top of these high prices, Londoners make less than we do. I met folks from all classes — doctors and nurses, plumbers and electricians, and everyone was making about 30 percent less than American workers.

Now the funny thing is that Brits don’t seem to realize how bad off they are compared to us. In fact, while I was there, the BBC (search) repeatedly droned on about America’s growing poverty rate, making the ridiculous suggestion that life in the states was tougher than life in Britain.

Chances are, if Brits knew the truth about how poorly they’re living compared to their American cousins, the first thing they’d demand is that their tax money stop being used for BBC blather about how lousy things are in America.

And that’s the Observer.

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