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Not everyone is a winner at the Oscars, and no I'm not talking about accepting Academy Awards! While I'll give an "A" for effort to all of this year's red carpet stars, there were several fashion disasters that just could not be ignored.

The Pouf Parade

Cinderella, Cinderella! Oh there she is, no wait, that's Sarah Jessica Parker in a cake topping, jaw dropping style (but not in a good way). SJP, wearing Dior Haute Couture, forgot she wasn't on the Sex and the City set where character Carrie's fashion sense is fabulous to look at but far from realistic, and never very pretty. The mint style was also either too tight, or Parker is trying to call attention to her um, how do we say this, voluptuous upper half. Too much cleavage and too much tulle, S. As for princess wannabes, we can always count on Miley, who once again had it all wrong in Zuhair Muhad. The scaled tiers overwhelmed her, and the patent leather belt was silly. This country crooner just can't ever seem to get it right.

Nude Blues

As you may have noticed, the stars mellowed out in muted tones this year, but while some looked fabulous like Penelope Cruz and Marisa Tomei, others fell flat on the red carpet. Surprisingly, Jessica Biel wound up in the latter category with a draped Prada style that looked liked a Japanese obi crossed with a table cloth. JT's better half, known for her rockin bod, actually looked frumpy, and the black shoes and clutch were ALL wrong. But worse yet was Tilda Swinton, who we've come to love for her horrible style. Take a look at the picture above —enough said. Finally, Beyonce Knowles opted for a black and gold brocade style from House of Dereon Couture, once again in a mermaid silhouette the star NEVER veers from. Unfortunately, the fabric was ugly, and the star proved to make another fashion faux pas.

Comedian Chaos

Both Oscar winners, both presenters, both comedians, and both the worst dressed at the event, Goldie Hawn and Whoopi Goldberg were fashion don'ts! Whoopi looked like she was wearing a beach cover-up bought in a gift shop at a Miami hotel, while Goldie's gown was way too low-cut for anyone. The shame of it is, in Hollywood, where most women are under the age of 30, these two stars had the chance to show how a more mature woman can still look gorgeous! Unfortunately, they both failed miserably. Take a hint from Meryl and Angelica ladies, you can act your age and still look fabulous!

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