Orgies Abound at Adult Clubs Outside Kansas City, Where Industry Is Largely Unregulated

After a man pleaded guilty to having group sex with his teen stepdaughter and other men at a Kansas City-area strip club, those living nearby were enlightened about what went on in adult entertainment venues in their neighborhood.

Residents of the Jackson County community where Erotic City is located want it shut down, according to MyFOXKC. Those who run the club have been mum on the entire affair.

Within Kansas City limits, the adult entertainment industry is regulated. But on the outskirts, there are few rules, and orgies are the norm at many venues — underscoring just how easy it is to run a sex club and get away with pretty much anything inside.

Federal prosecutors charged Jesse Herd for subjecting his 14-year-old stepdaughter, a minor, to an orgy with as many as 20 other men in addition to himself.

Neighbor Ron Sartain has seen all sorts go in and out of Erotic City. He wants it closed for good.

"It wouldn't bother me at all," he told MyFOXKC. "I'm surprised that they allow it to go on."

Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders said he'll propose an ordinance setting up strict rules for adult entertainment venues.

"When we started looking into this thing, the one thing that we discovered that this is an industry that is largely unregulated," Sanders told the station.

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