An American lawyer freed two weeks after his arrest in connection with the terror attacks in Spain still cannot leave Oregon and must ask officials' permission to leave his house, his relatives said Friday.

Brandon Mayfield (search), 37, released from custody Thursday after a detention hearing, has been placed on the restrictions pending a possible grand jury hearing, relatives said.

"I was assuming this is over. But it's not over," said Kent Mayfield, the attorney's brother.

Mayfield was released soon after Spanish officials said fingerprints found on a bag near the bombing site were those of an Algerian. U.S. authorities had previously said the prints were Mayfield's.

The bag contained detonators similar to those used in the March 11 blasts, which killed 191 people and injured 2,000 others. The former Army lieutenant was arrested May 6 as a material witness and was never charged.

Mayfield has maintained he knew nothing of the Madrid bombings (search).

Mayfield, a convert to Islam (search), asked not to be interviewed at his home in this Portland suburb because of a court's gag order. His brother, however, was livid at the restrictions.

"He is still under surveillance. The FBI is still listening to every word we are speaking now," Kent Mayfield charged. "We are still having our rights of privacy invaded. Even after the fingerprints have been proven false."

Brandon Mayfield remains a material witness and is under supervision, the U.S. District Court said on its Web site. His lawyer, Steve Wax, said the court can impose some 14 restrictions when a material witness is released.

Justice Department have declined to comment about the case.

According to Mayfield's wife, Mona, his greatest concern now is getting back to his practice.

"I don't know if it will ever be the same," she said.

The family celebrated his return by staying up all night. Mayfield's mother and wife gave an interview to "Good Morning America."

His children gave him gifts. Shane, 15, a Led Zeppelin fan, composed a song.

"This is how they release their energy," Mona Mayfield said. "I do it through prayer. They do it through music."

The family shied away from talking about Mayfield's incarceration. But his 10-year-old son, Samir, noted: "His beard had turned white."

His 12-year-old daughter, Sharia, said the experience has made them closer.

"We just grew a tight bond — we realized how much we love each other," she said.