Open Door Policy?

Legal, good. Illegal, bad. That's the whole immigration mess summed up.

I know I'm vastly over-simplifying things here, but I think it's time we see this issue for what it is: more heat than substance. The heat is that somehow a nation concerned with its borders has forgotten its past. It hasn't.

We are a nation of immigrants, after all. But we should not be a nation of suckers.

There is a process here for those who want to come here: "Welcome to our home" doesn't mean, "Break into our home."

It doesn't mean complaining about a lack of services for which you're not entitled, or programs for which you're not eligible. And it sure as heck doesn't mean taking to the streets of this country to demand still more from this country.

You're not a citizen! You don't get them! You become a citizen, have at them!

What's so complicated here?

What's complicated is our generous national heart. Generous to a fault, and now a major fault for our country.

There's nothing racist about targeting those who abuse a system meant to benefit all races. And there's nothing unfair about treating all legal citizens fairly. What's unfair is assuming those who didn't play by the rules are somehow able to rewrite the rules.

We are richer for those who have worked through this system. We are going broke paying for those who never even bothered in the first place.

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