Tuesday's show was all about bullies.

The government is bullying GM, telling it how to run itself. Why can't they just leave businesses alone, to succeed or fail on their own merit?

Meanwhile, the media is being bullied into favorable treatment of the Obama administration. It's not just that they are loyal followers; some of them are actually scared not to carry his press conferences.

Then the Federal Reserve Board is bullying other companies that got TARP money, even if they didn't want it. After all that, there are some strict new rules for repayment.

And finally, there's Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who's being bullied by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security. Sheriff Joe and his attorneys are concerned the investigation may — may — be politically motivated.

Ya think?

I'm going to give these victims of bullies the same advice I'd give my children: Bullies are nothing but cowards and if you're being bullied you need to stand up for yourself. Only when you stand up, will the bullies respect you and eventually leave you alone.


Who has the guts to do that?

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