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A couple of the topics on our September 1 show struck a nerve with some of you — and you let us know about it!

Here is a sample of some of your e-mail responses:

Sympathy for Yates?

I saw your news story on the Yates woman that killed her kids.  Anybody, and I repeat anybody that thinks this lady is a victim should have their own head examined for mental illness.  This lady should be taken out in the street and hanged until dead.  Maybe some of the "mentally ill" people in this country would suddenly be cured.  

Men need to be in a woman's bodies at certain times to "EVER" understand what women go thru...think about it: drugs change a person's do hormones; after birthing big time changes!!!.....I don't know what should be done for lady in tub drownings but she needed sad it is too late for the children...
St. Louis, MO

What is with these women who have support groups for her?  They must be as psycho as she is.   She is just as guilty as Soltys is.  I agree with the commentator about the double standard.   What's good for one is good for the other.

The fact of the matter is that prison cells are being built as fast as mental health facilities are closing. The most increasing cost within prisons is medicines to treat the mentally ill.  Though we have the treatment technology to help people with severe mental illness before they get to prison, we do not have the will. As long as we, as a society choose not to treat persons with mental illness as a priority, it is quite possible that crimes against self and others will continue.
Dr. Edward S. Beck
Mental Health Association of the Capital Region (PA)

Praise for the Show

Fox is the best news channel..I watch news alll day as I am home writing books   FOX has guts and moxie and wastes less time on Fluff..thank you.  
Rudy W.

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