Only in America...

I'm watching a great story by our own Jeff Goldblatt (search) in Chicago about a woman in Cleveland who's demanding the government get her a larger apartment. Why? Because she's 800 pounds, that's why -- too big to fit in the subsidized apartment she's got now, so she's demanding a bigger one.

Not only is she getting the bigger place, but she's now got a discrimination complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (search) on why the heck it took so long! Wow.

It shouldn't surprise me. After all, only in America can you walk into a McDonald’s, stuff yourself on Big Macs and then sue the place because you got fat.

Only in America can a kid shoplift at a department store, then sue that store and win big bucks because security guards embarrassed him.

Only in America can a man sue Great Adventure (search) because the roller coaster he was riding gave him a headache.

Yes, only in America can the padding around our waist pad some lawyer's bills. And yes -- only in America, where trial lawyers seem to outnumber fast food restaurants -- can we sue without a clue.

All I know is... I love Big Macs, but McDonald’s doesn't shove 'em down my throat. I do.

I love pizza, but Pizza Hut doesn't ram it in my face. I do.

And sometimes i get a little too big for my britches... literally. But I don't sue the company that made 'em if they get ripped, because we're all getting ripped here.

Whatever happened to taking responsibility for our own actions? Our own hunger? Our own weaknesses? Our own cravings?

Whatever happened to looking in the mirror for the truth before looking in the Yellow Pages for a lawyer?

No, the fault isn't the government's or McDonald’s or Pizza Hut's or the neighborhood bakeshop.

We are what we eat. What we do. What we imbibe. The sin isn't that someone sues. The sin is that only in America do they win.

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