On With the Show

I was talking to some Republican (search) delegates on Sunday and the issue of  (search) came up.

One noted that a rival news channel had more reporters outside the convention hall than inside. They feared the story would be the rioters and not the Republicans.

I don't know about that. So far, the protests have been big and loud, but they haven't been violent.

Most of the protesters I've bumped into have been amiable enough. One was nice enough to call me one of the "marginally nicer Nazis at FOX." Incredible.

So what if they're over the top. The key for Republicans here is to get on with the show. This is New York, after all. This city can handle it and, thus far, it looks like this Party can too. Far from shun it, Republicans should embrace it: Show that they can enter the belly of the beast and take it.

I'll tell you this much, the protesters guarantee there will be more viewers for this convention.

The trouble with some of them is that they're preaching to themselves: rallying only fellow ralliers.

For the "disaffected," the over-the-top protesters can look like they're super-"infected." To average folks watching at home, the Republicans by comparison look staid and steady.

It depends on staying calm inside these halls and not obsessing too much with what's happening outside these walls.

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