Call me a dog who likes to return to sniff his own vomit, but whenever someone on the right dies, I check out blogs like Daily Kos and Gawker.

There, I find the typical ghouls, triumphing the death of Jesse Helms or, to a lesser extent, Tony Snow, as if their own personal politics have been validated by cancer. I could quote all the vile stuff, but it might make you violent.

Instead, let's discuss why the left — the champions of tolerance — takes so much glee in their ideological adversaries croaking. Here's three theories:

One, they're stupid and therefore cannot understand that different opinions don't always mean the person you disagree with is evil. Now, I see this thinking on the left and right. But it's more intense on the left, mainly because a liberal always believes his stance is uniquely heroic, even though everyone else he knows agrees with him! When they run into someone who disagrees, well, he must be evil.

Two: conservatives reject moral relativism, so it's easier for them to see the world as a range of bad things to good things. So while they hate Ted Kennedy for good reason, he's no Hitler. He's not even a Michael Moore. For a leftist though, relativism allows such thinking, so Tony Snow can be just as evil as Saddam Hussein or even Bob Saget.

Finally, on the Web, cowards become cowboys. Anonymity makes it easier to threaten adversaries, as well as dance on their graves. It's a disgusting display by callow fiends, which is why I'll be glad when these people die.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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