Remember that night you met that gorgeous blonde at the bar? She was totally into you. But just as you got up to reach for your phone to plug in her number, she muttered something about meeting up with a friend and was gone in a flash! You think, “Was it something I said? Do I have an odor problem? Does she have a serious boyfriend?” But the truth is buddy; she got a better glimpse of your tapered jeans and had a change of heart.

Guys, I hate to break it to you but many women take your fashion sense into account when checking you out. Come on, don’t get so offended! I know you make your own judgments on those high-waisted jeans women are wearing! What you have on doesn’t matter as much as what’s inside, but let’s be honest, when you’re first getting to know someone, first impressions and physical appearances are important! I asked iMag style guru Noelle Watters for her tips on what to wear to get the girl!

Scenario 1: Office Outfit

Don’t: Companies don’t want to see their employees dressed inappropriately. Same goes for the ladies! Stay away from bright colors or loud patterns. It’s very distracting. Also avoid wearing anything that’s wrinkled or not properly fitted. Appropriate footwear is also very important when it comes to the workplace. Stay away from sneakers or sandals; this is not the beach, boys!

Do: Dress to impress at the office! However, find a "work crush" in a different department to avoid those awkward moments if it doesn't work out! Try a nicely pressed blue button-down shirt tucked into a pair of khakis or dress pants. Why blue? It’s better against your skin, and you’ll look your best, especially after your summer tan starts to fade. Shined dress shoes are also a must even if you work in a more casual environment. Didn’t you ever hear a women say, “He was great, but those shoes…” Keep them classic, and keep them scuff free.

Scenario 2: Workout Wear

Don’t: Sweatin’ to the oldies? Put away those short-shorts and knee socks… It’s the millennium people! If you sweat a lot stay away from white clothing. There is nothing more unattractive than a visible sweat stain. Also avoid anything sleeveless. They call them wife-beaters for a reason!

Do: Want to impress while you flex? The best advice I can give when you’re dressing for the gym is to look neat and clean. Try a t-shirt that is newly washed and fits. Oversized tees are a no no. Lacrosse shorts are the way to go, because they’re long and it’s never ok to show too much leg. And stick to ankle socks instead of getting inspired from your gym coach from ‘82.

Scenario 3: Daytime Duds

Don’t: Look like a slob! Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean it's ok to wear the clothes on your floor from the night before! Also avoid wearing shirts that look like you’ve been through an animal attack and stay away from those dirty old sneakers.

Do: Interested in that cute waitress at the coffee shop? Or how about that exotic brunette who walks her shitzu in the park? For daytime try a long-sleeve tee and a nice pair of jeans. If it’s cold outside throw on a dark sweater or sweatshirt. The key here is to keep it casual. You don’t want to show up for a latte in your best three piece suit.

Scenario 4: After-hours Attire

Don’t: Warning: You are NOT guest starring on an episode of the Sopranos! Guys, it’s not even on anymore! When you hit the town, remember, chest hair should only be exposed in the privacy of your own home. Muscle tees and pants that are too tight are awful! Also avoid anything too preppy (ascots and argyle), anything too euro (mock neck sweaters) and anything too crunchy (ripped jeans and tees.)

Do: You don’t have to go overboard to catch a woman’s eye. Whether it’s a date or a night out with the guys, if you’re hoping to leave a lasting impression with a lady you want to dress well and that means understated and sophisticated. Of course you want to be yourself, but a date or party is not the time to try something new. Stick to the basics. Try a collared shirt or sweater with jeans or khakis. For shoes go for loafers or a nice pair of driving shoes.

Now guys, don't be alarmed, the majority of women don't expect you to be a fashion connoisseur. But we do like to see you put a little bit of effort into looking stylish. Stick to these guidelines and you may just get a date after all! For more style advice just for men check out our new section, The Guy Guide.

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