On the Brink of War With Iraq

We're at that moment when the war with Iraq is about to begin.

We wish our troops well, that they advance quickly, that the Iraqis surrender and are voluntarily subdued, and that when they do fire their big guns and drop their big bombs, the targets are well-chosen so that innocents are not swept into the vortex.

The American military planners are talking about a new kind of war — one that doesn't have fronts, one where the enemy is surrounded on all sides by fast-moving coalition troops and enveloped from the air by precision weapons.

I hope all of it works. I hope the theory proves right that even though we own the night, we need also fight during the day so it is clear to the Iraqis that we are at war. I hope that all these new ideas about how to fight a "shock and awe" war will work as well.

In other words... I hope it goes well for our men and women and the innocent Iraqis, and that we can get into Iraq and get out before we suffer the fate of the Ottoman Turks or the Brits —  a failed occupation that turns initial military victory into something else.

I've read that President Bush has a bold plant to rebuild Iraq within a year. That's very ambitious. Let's do what we need to do, and then let's go.

All we really care about is that Iraq isn't a country that will host terrorists. Once that's accomplished, let's leave.

As for the rest of the world, which is so suspicious and hostile to us because of all of this, they are just going to have to learn that they don't have a veto on American self-defense.

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