On Selling Souls and Adoption Auctions

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How Much Is Your Soul Worth?

I’ve heard of people selling a lot of personal items…but a soul? Seriously? Gerald Fraller of Tampa, Florida, is quite serious about it. In fact, he hopes selling his soul will make him a better person. Fraller claims to have a troubled life and he wants someone to help him make some changes. How can you help? That’s where his soul comes in. The purchaser of this soul will sign a contract outlining what Fraller will and will not do. The lucky owner of Fraller’s soul will also get a portion of his salary and the right to name his children if he decides to have any.

So what happens if Fraller turns his life around and he wants to buy his soul back? Don’t worry, he’s got it covered. The contract states that he can buy back his soul at any time for $1 million.

Adoption Auction

Are you entertaining the idea of adopting a child? Is the cost the only thing holding you back? Well, are you holding any tickets that you’re willing to auction off? That’s exactly what one Ohio couple decided to do to raise money to adopt a Guatemalan boy. Ken and Kristie Sigler have tickets for this Saturday’s Michigan-Ohio State football game and they are auctioning them off on eBay to raise money for the adoption.

The adoption process costs $12,500 and the couple is starting the bidding for these tickets at $1,000. If you are not one for online bidding, you can buy the tickets directly from the Siglers for $1,500. The seats up for grabs are 10 rows from the field, so if you enjoy football and you are feeling charitable, you might want to check this out.

Time to Toss that Makeup?

Today we went over when to keep and when to toss that makeup you’ve been holding on to. As much as you might love your favorite eye shadow or that one shade of lipstick, it might be time to kiss them goodbye.

Here's a guide for how long you can safely keep your cosmetics:

Lipstick — Up to 2 years
Mascara — Up to 4 months
Oil-based foundation — Up to 18 months
Oil-free foundation — Up to 12 months
Cream-based eye shadow — Up to 12 months
Powder-based eye shadow — Up to 2-3 years
Concealer — 12 to 18 months
Powder — Up to 2 years
Cream — 12-18 months
Moisturizer — 3 to 12 months

Finally, here are some of your e-mails regarding current issues we have been covering:

E-mail No. 1

I can’t believe the story about the little boy wanting the Mexican Gov. to ask the U.S. for him and his mother to be able to stay here. NO! She came here illegally, she should not be allowed to stay. She should take her son and go home!
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

E-mail No. 2

The idea of granting sanctuary for illegal immigrants, for simply giving birth while squatting within the U.S., is as wrong as it sounds.
Does the Mexican government grant the same “good will” to its southern neighbors? Protect our borders, enforce our immigrant worker programs, and stop the political arguing and follow the law.
Apache, OK

E-mail No. 3

To comment on your segment about the Mexican government wanting the U.S. to allow illegals to stay in the U.S. if they have a U.S. citizen child. The American public needs to wake up to this problem. They need to take this to their representatives to change the law that allows a child that is born in the U.S. to be a U.S. citizen. If the Mexican government is successful then we will have millions of illegals allowed to stay in the U.S. due to the citizenship of their children. Millions more are trying to make it across our borders to have their children here. Once those children are born here they are eligible for government assistance. This is a matter the American public needs to be aware of and stand up to make a change. If our country continues to follow the same path we are destined to lose our greatness.
FOX News Viewer

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