On Humor and Humility

Sometimes the stories I most enjoy are the little ones -- the funny ones -- that say a lot.

In my media neck of the woods, CNN has just unveiled a new street-side studio only a couple of blocks away from here.

So the other day, when that network's morning show debuted from the new site, my morning friends on FOX & Friends, Steve Doocey, Brian Kilmeade and E.D. Hill, decided to welcome them.

Fox had 20 models outside the CNN studio wearing FOX & Friends shirts while handing out granola bars and orange juice. It was all done in ribbing -- good fun. But CNN was not amused.

"It was silly and inconsequential," a CNN spokeswoman told the New York Daily News' Richard Huff.

That rung a bell. The network's business anchor, Lou Dobbs had said almost the exact same thing when Fox reminded CNN that its ads touting the No. 1 business show were wrong -- namely because they ignored us.

"I don't respond to silliness," Dobbs told the Washington Post at the time.

Please. Who talks like that? I don't. And I bet you don't.

All this on the heels of a broadcast executive there saying her network offers serious journalists. To which I say, for God's sake, lighten up and quit the condescending crap.

This isn't about news junkies impressing their peers. This is about news operations impressing their viewers. The more you say things like "silly" and "inconsequential" of others, the more you look "silly" and "inconsequential" yourselves.

I'm not here to offer my competitors tips. But a sense of humor wouldn't hurt and a sense of humility can only help.

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