Filmmaker Oliver Stone (search), whose "Alexander" (search) got a lukewarm reception from critics in America, said Thursday he thought the three-hour epic would get a better welcome in Europe.

Stone visited the Stockholm International Film Festival (search) to pick up a lifetime achievement award and promote "Alexander," which was having its European premiere in Stockholm.

"I think one of the reasons I am being honored here in Sweden is that (Europeans) tend to see me a little differently than they do in the U.S.," Stone told reporters.

He said the film "is not an easy movie, but then I've never made easy movies." His previous films include "JFK," "Born on the Fourth of July" and "Platoon."

Stone said the timing of the award gave him a reason to escape media attention surrounding Wednesday's U.S. premiere of "Alexander," which chronicles the life of the ancient warrior-king Alexander the Great (search). The film's depiction of Alexander as bisexual has come under particular scrutiny.

"To be here is a delight," Stone said. "Lifetime achievement awards don't come and go. ... I may make better films yet, or I may not. This is a moment of my life that I'd just like to pause and enjoy."

Stone will receive the Bronze Horse award from the festival Friday night. Previous recipients include Roman Polanski, David Lynch, Lauren Bacall and Gena Rowlands.