So the public option part of the health care bill is in free fall and who do we owe for this sudden turn of events? Old people.

Thank you, old people.

Which brings me to my Macbook: Mine's been having problems for months, but instead of walking to the Apple store on a sunny Saturday, I watch "Top Chef" in my underwear.

Now, my 84-year-old mom's another story. I got her a Macbook and within a few weeks, she touched a button, causing everything on her desktop to disappear.

(Only old people can seem to find that hidden button.)

Anyway, she drove to the store and, although it took her an hour to go five miles, the point is: She got there. And that's the key lesson learned from this health care debate: Old people may be slow, but they always show.

Pre-election, the media became so obsessed with the youth vote, that they forgot the sheer determination of the elderly. And it left the pols caught like deer in a mobilized scooter's headlights.

The fact is, young people talk a big game, but they often don't show up to play. I've signed up for many charity fun runs, only to miss them because the night before I fell asleep in a hedge.

See, with the exception of those in the military, the young can't prioritize. Old folks, however, always show up for stuff that matters: church, world wars, dinner (sometimes early). Meanwhile all those youngsters enamored by hope and change didn't think beyond the bumper sticker. But hey, why should they care if hospitals turn into post offices with bedpans, anyway?

In short: The old folks read that bill, so the rest of us didn't have to. Thank them and remember that one day you're going to end up just like them — if you're lucky.

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