Oklahoma Trooper Suspended Over Scuffle With Paramedic

An Oklahoma trooper accused of using excessive force while stopping and arresting a paramedic will receive a five-day suspension without pay for his actions, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced Wednesday.

An internal investigation concluded that Trooper Daniel Martin was justified in stopping and arresting paramedic Maurice White during a traffic stop, but "the situation could have, and should have, been handled differently," Highway Patrol spokesman Capt. Chris West told reporters at a news conference.

The investigation also found that Martin should have allowed the ambulance to proceed to the hospital when he realized it was carrying a patient, West said.

The incident rose to national prominence when a video was posted on YouTube showing the altercation, in which Martin can be seen grabbing White by the neck.

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White has filed a lawsuit against Martin, claiming he used unreasonable force during the incident.

Martin, who has been on administrative leave since June 1, was suspended effective Wednesday. He also must undergo an anger assessment.

The incident occurred May 24, when Martin stopped the ambulance for failing to yield to his squad car.

White says he got out of the ambulance to tell the trooper they were taking a patient to the hospital. The argument quickly escalated into a scuffle and Martin put White in an apparent choke hold.

Martin's attorney says the trooper either didn't hear that there was a patient in the ambulance or it didn't register. He says White failed to comply with the trooper's orders.

White is seeking punitive and compensatory damages against Martin.

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FOX News' Brian Wilson contributed to this report.