Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Wife's Adult Web Site, Gets $20G Check

The Snyder police chief who resigned last week amid an uproar over his wife's adult Web site received $20,000 in compensation pay in his final check.

Tod Ozmun, who stepped down Friday, had worked on salary, earning $32,760 a year. Mayor Dale Moore and a councilman resigned the same day. The three said they did so because they were fed up with the public attention and criticism of the chief.

When he resigned, the 34-year-old Ozmun called the uproar "absolutely ridiculous."

Acting Mayor Allen Ford said Moore told him to cut the check to Ozmun and insisted it was legitimate, although Ford added he signed it reluctantly.

"I didn't like it, but we felt that was the quickest way to expedite his departure," Ford told The Oklahoman. "Now I got citizens jumping down my throat. The comp time is back when [Ozmun] was still on hourly pay. The timecards weren't turned in last week. They've been on file for more than a year now.

"Now everybody wants me to go to jail."

Kiowa County District Attorney John Wampler has said he plans to meet with Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation officials this week concerning the fallout from the Web site operated by Ozmun's 43-year-old wife, Doris Ozmun.

Wampler said if an investigation is launched, it would probably focus on Doris Ozmun's Web site and include questions about where she was photographed, who took the pictures and if any of the pictures were e-mailed.

Wampler also said allegations of financial impropriety could be addressed by an investigation.

"I don't know all the answers," he said. "Those are some of the questions that would need to be looked into if we go forward with an investigation."

Snyder resident Teresa Mills said several people in the southwestern Oklahoma town of about 1,500 people were asked to appear on a national talk show. She decided not to do so.

"It's just been crazy around here, but I do think the OSBI needs to look into the money and where those pictures were taken," Mills said.