Oil's Well That Ends Well?

I don't know if you've noticed, but energy prices have been coming down — actually, way down.

Oil, 70 bucks a barrel a couple of months ago, is well under 60 bucks today and likely going lower — mainly because temperatures have been going higher and there's less need for the stuff.

So that's bad news for the folks who churn out the stuff, like oil companies.

They were price gougers yesterday, afterthoughts today.

They made tons of money yesterday, not nearly as much today.

So I'm thinking to myself, what if this continues? What if oil drops like a stone and the oil companies start losing money?

What if it's another early '80s thing and they start shutting down operations and laying off people?

Will anyone notice? Will anyone care?

I suppose not, because oil companies potentially getting gouged is never a story. Us getting gouged — now that's a story!

It is easy to make the oil companies villains, when they're making dough. It hardly seems to rate when they are not.

The oil companies need no lobby. Sometimes I just wonder if they need something else: a fair shake.

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