Oil-for-Food Update

This week has been about the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma (search), the guessing game on the Plame case, along with the never-ending issue of Iraq. Oh, yeah, and can't forget Charo! She came by right from "The Merv Griffin Show."

Among the other topics and storylines we are sure to follow in the coming weeks, look no further then George Galloway (search) and his link to the Oil-for-Food (search) scandal. As you may know, the uncrowned winner of the Sean Connery sound alike contest roasted Senator Norm Coleman over the summer when he was asked to testify about his link to the scandal and to Saddam's regime. It seemed he had all the answers — now it seems Senators Levin and Coleman might have the last laugh, because they have him on the record perhaps committing perjury. To his credit, Galloway claims to be begging Senator Coleman to indict him and seems to think this time he'll score a KO. We have more than a hunch, that for at least for one day Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation and his expected indictments will overshadow all else.

Among the other issues you may have found enlightening: Goldfish go blind in round bowls, therefore Rome has banned round tanks for goldfish. Also, I was surprised to see how many Republican senators won't commit to backing Harriet Miers (search) and how many second term presidents struggle with their approval ratings. You would think that this president has hit all time lows, but in truth Carter, Clinton, Reagan, Ford and Nixon all fell lower. As for Ms. Miers, her one-on-one sessions with the senators are winning few supporters.

Thanks so much for watching and reading. If you are in the area, I hope to see you in Fresh Meadows on Thursday October 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble on Union Turnpike, for my one and only paperback book signing. The book is called "The Games Do Count" and also can be bought and signed by going to www.briankilmeade.com and following the prompts.


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