Ohio Gunman Kills Self After Office Hostage-Taking

A gunman burst into a medical building, struggled over the weapon with a chiropractor and held his ex-girlfriend hostage where she works before fatally shooting himself in the head, police said. No one else was hurt.

The man, whose name was withheld until his family could be notified, apparently was determined to force a reconciliation with his ex-girlfriend, police Capt. Dave Brooks said.

The man had a history of abusive treatment toward the woman, whose name also was withheld until she could be reunited with relatives, Brooks said.

The man entered the office where the woman works and briefly held her co-workers hostage, according to Brooks. At one point, chiropractor Jim Cooper tried to disarm the man but the gunman was able to control the weapon, Brooks said.

The gunman eventually ordered his ex-girlfriend's co-workers to leave.

A hostage negotiator talked by phone with the gunman for nearly an hour and apparently had him calmed down but the man shot himself in the head at that point, Brooks said.