Ohio Cross Country Runner Breaks Leg, Crawls Across Finish Line

Talk about determination — even a broken leg couldn't keep this teen track star from crossing the finish line.

It was Claire Markwardt's last cross country race of her high school career when she broke her leg mid-race, MyFoxCleveland.com reports.

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"I was fine until about 200 meters away and then it started to hurt and then it cracked a couple times," Markwardt said.

She tried to get up, but her leg broke again.

"I knew I really couldn't stay there and I didn't wanna let my team down and I had gone that far, so there wasn't really a point in laying there," the senior at Berkshire High School told the station.

So, Markwardt crawled to the finish line.

Later that night she was supposed to serve as the maid of honor at her sister's wedding but instead spent it in the hospital undergoing two surgeries.

"I felt really bad that I didn't get to see my sister get married, but I didn't really have any other choice at that moment."