Reactions to Wednesday's law school shooting in Grundy:

"I'm shocked and deeply saddened. I commend the students who acted swiftly to apprehend the suspect, who is now in custody. My heart goes out to the school and the community. I know that such a close-knit community will feel such a tragedy especially deeply." — Gov. Mark Warner, former member of the school's board of trustees.

"Our institutions of higher learning are intended to be sanctuaries of education and self-improvement — not places of violence. Law abiding Virginians may rest assured that law enforcement authorities will identify whoever is responsible and our court system will see that justice is done." — Attorney General Jerry Kilgore.

"The staff and faculty at Appalachian have always gone far out of their way to provide individual attention to students, so the loss of a student, a faculty member and Dean Sutin have hit the school especially hard." — U.S. Sen. George Allen, member of the school's board of trustees.

"You read about it in other areas, but when it comes home it really hurts." — Del. Jackie Stump, D-Grundy.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Sutin's wife, Margaret, their two children and to all of their family and friends. The entire Department of Justice is mourning the loss of a dedicated public servant who served the Department of Justice with distinction, integrity and honor." — U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

"I join with the community in expressing profound sorrow for those most immediately touched by the loss of life and wounding of other victims, and I commend the courage of those who intervened to prevent further violence by restraining the assailant." — U.S. Sen. John Warner.