Authorities on Monday said they have identified the third of four women whose barefoot bodies were found in a drainage ditch behind a row of seedy motels a week ago.

Barbara V. Breidor, of Ventnor, was 42 when she died, according to a statement the county prosecutor's office released Monday afternoon. The cause of Breidor's death, like that of a fourth woman, as yet unidentified woman, was not revealed from an autopsy.

Breidor, who was identified through dental records, had been in the drainage ditch for at least two weeks, authorities said.

The other women whose identities are known are Kim Raffo, 35, and Tracy Ann Roberts, 23. Raffo was strangled. Roberts, whose last known address was in Atlantic City, died from asphyxia, but authorities do not know exactly how she was killed.

The three women who were identified all had been arrested and charged with prostitution, authorities said.

Raffo's body had been in the ditch for a couple of days and the fourth woman's body had been there for up to a month.

Certain similarities between the women and the situation in which they were found have led some to wonder if a serial killer is to blame. Three of the four were blonde. All were barefoot, and their bodies were arranged face-down with their heads pointing east toward the Atlantic City casinos.