Officer Tells McNair's Girlfriend NFL Star Is 'Not Happy' About Her DUI Arrest

A police officer tells Steve McNair's girlfriend the ex-NFL star is "not happy" during a DUI stop captured on video two days before the couple died in a murder-suicide.

Twenty-year-old Sahel Kazemi was pulled over early last Thursday and arrested on a drunken driving charge. McNair was a passenger in the car.

Police released video of the DUI stop after they announced Wednesday that Kazemi killed McNair and herself.

Click here for the video.

In the video, Kazemi repeatedly asks an officer to have McNair come to the window of the police cruiser where she's sitting.

The officer responds, "He's not happy." McNair, who wasn't charged, leaves in a cab without coming to talk to her. He later bailed her out.

Kazemi laughs and teases the officer but also says she's scared of going to jail.