Why do the French make things so easy for me?

Have you heard this one?

Never mind that France wanted nothing to do with getting rid of Saddam and wants everything to do with rebuilding Iraq after Saddam. Here's the kicker: France says Britain and the U.S. should not have a role -- it's up to the United Nations to decide.

So, let me see if I've got this right. France offered not one soldier, not one plane, not one tank, or ship, convoy or grenade. Not one missile. Not one drop of blood. And yet, France is going to decide the new Iraq?

Well pardon me, Pepe, but I don't think so.

I don't know what amazes me more: How callous the French are, or how arrogant they are. People are still dying in Iraq and they are already tripping over their corpses to cash in on Iraq?

France couldn't lift a hand to a rifle to help us, but is more than willing to go for a few of their precious Euros to screw us?

We fight and die to free a people whose suffering you more than happily ignored. And they saunter in to set up shop so that they can merrily profit?

Please tell me the French word for chutzpa!

France schemes to sell brie, after we've given blood?

France plots business storms, while our guys are choking in sandstorms?

France notifies the world they're ready to do deals, while we have servicemen in this country notifying families of killed soldiers they're ready to do funerals?

What the French lack in guts, they more than make up for in nerve.

France wouldn't help the Iraqi people when they needed rescuing, but is more than willing to dive in and take the money because maybe France needs rescuing.

The French are as morally bankrupt as I hope soon they will be financially bankrupt.

Pity the poor country that calls you a friend and realizes the hand it's holding, is only digging for spare change.

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