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JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FOX NEWS HOST: In what could be the most blatant example in history of the pot calling the kettle black, “Octomom” Nadya Suleman says that Jon and Kate Gosselin from the hit show " Jon and Kate Plus 8" are exploiting their kids.

The Octomom, who had her octuplets through in vitro fertilization, made the comments during an interview with an entertainment Web site. She was being interviewed about, get this, her own upcoming reality show starring, you guessed it, her kids.

Joining me live Dax Holt, producer for TMZ. Hi, Dax.

DAX HOLT, PRODUCER, TMZ: Hey, good evening.

GRIFFIN: So what prompted this little cat fight?

HOLT: That is what I was trying to figure out. I know Kate Gosselin did go on "Dr. Phil" and talk about Nadya Suleman and how hard it must be bringing eight children home and having six sitting at home and waiting for you. And she kind of sympathized with her.

And I think Nadya just took it all wrong and has been bashing her ever since. Kate's has been on the cover of every magazine in the last couple of weeks, so maybe she feels like she is losing her star power to Kate.

GRIFFIN: It looks like she is a little jealous.

HOLT: Yes. She was ripping apart her body. Kate has been on the cover of every magazine showing off her great bod. She has a really good bod for having six kids in there.

GRIFFIN: Who has time to exercise? (LAUGHTER)

HOLT: She has obviously had work. You can see the scars. But Nadya was ripping her apart, telling everyone how she is exploiting the kids and how her body is fake. And exploiting kids -- I mean, you are getting paid by a Web site to put your children up and talk daily to them. I think she is the offender in this case.

GRIFFIN: So what is Nadya saying her reality show is going to be about if it is not about kids?

HOLT: Exactly. And I do not think anyone is interested in Nadya. They want to see the eight kids running around. It is not about Nadya. So obviously, it's going to be about these kids and exploiting them.

She has already opened up funds for them. This is what normal child actors do. They get accounts so that saves 15 percent away for them in the future. So she knows that these kids are going to be on the television show.

GRIFFIN: And what is the latest on Jon and Kate's marriage? It's good for ratings, isn't it, the trouble?

HOLT: It's great for ratings, watching them fall apart. They got 10 million viewers that first night it came back on the air.

However, it is sad to watch, watching this couple break apart. The first episode was hard, because they are sitting on opposite sides of the couch, they are not spending any time together, and they're not making eye contact with each other.

And I think most viewer are sitting back, going hold together for the kids. You guys have a lot of children, and that's who I think people are most worried about.

GRIFFIN: No doubt. What a train wreck. Thanks, Dax.

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