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Saturday, October 29

Missing in Maine: Is the disappearance of 24-year-old Lynn Moran (search) the result of foul play? The missing Maine foster home worker was last seen on October 10 after spending the night out with friends. Police say her disappearance is suspicious because she left without her purse, cell phone, money and car. We’ll talk to Lynn’s bother, John Moran, about the family's desperate search for his sister. And we’ll learn more about the former dancer from her high school friend, Joanna Hibbard.

Pamela Vitale Murder: As teenage suspect Scott Dyleski (search) readies his defense for the murder of neighbor Pamela Vitale (search), FOX News legal analyst Jim Hammer reveals shocking new details about the gruesome killing and discusses the legal ramifications of Dyleski’s plea. And, family spokesman and FOX News legal analyst Bob Massi will be on-hand with the latest information surrounding this stunning story.

Missing Georgia Teacher: Have you seen Tara Grinstead (search)? The former beauty queen and high school history teacher hasn’t been seen since Saturday and police fear she may have been abducted. We’ll check in with Irwin County High School principal Robby Connor and Tara’s sister, Anita Gallis, for a live update on the search.

Sunday, October 30

Natalee Holloway Case: How hard is it to keep a missing person's case in the media spotlight? We’ll check in with Natalee’s father, Dave Holloway, who has returned to Aruba (search) to personally take part in an offshore search with the help of Texas EquuSearch (search) volunteers.

Crime Anniversary: We’ll rewind back in time to the 1975 murder of 15-year-old Martha Moxley (search), the Greenwich, Conn. teenager who was bludgeoned to death by Michael Skakel (search), a cousin of the famed Kennedy clan. How could this highly publicized case remain unsolved for 25 years? And how did cops finally nail her killer? Find out tonight on the"Lineup!"

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