Can you imagine if Barack Obama pulls it off?

Actually manages to surprise the media by beating the media to the running mate announcement punch?

Before they know, his people know.

Via a simple text message.

Imagine what this could mean.

Not only is the notorious press sidelined by an online message.

Suddenly it's reporting its own demise by reporting that online message.

And this terse, almost medicinal style way of communicating becomes the rage.

And suddenly that nutty woman who went on YouTube to blast her wandering hubby doesn't look so crazy.

After all, if a guy can text message: My running mate is...

Surely another guy can tell a significant other my running mate is no longer you.

We don even have to spell it out.

'U bore me.'

Or 'CU in court.'

Bosses can get in on the fun too.

'U are fired.'

Not so happy news can be relayed this way:


In fact, your workers need only see that to get the point.

No messy exit interviews. Actually no need to come in at all.

In fact, I bet you that's how those VP candidates who thought they were going to get the job will be told when they're not getting the job.

And the one who is?

He or she will know instantly.

Without a word spoken or written at all:


And I can see the media's reaction now:


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