Obama's Speech Lacked Conviction, Clarity

Ever been to one of those breakfast places that make omelets called "sweep the floor" or "clean the kitchen," where they pretty much grab everything in the kitchen and throw it in the omelet?

If I were the fry cook at a Waffle House, I'd create a special dish to commemorate the president's State of the Union address. I'd call it the "Obamalet Omelet." It would have everything we could find in the cooler and the cabinets.

The president's obligatory annual report to the Congress and nation and what kind of shape the country is in is usually a long laundry list of great things the president is going to do for us, but this past week, Chef Obama needed six eggs just to hold the ingredients for his signature dish:

He was against bank bailouts, but thought we needed them.

He was for nuclear power plants, but advocates solar.

He wants us to stop spending, but not until we've spent a bunch of the money out of your pocket and your grandkids paying for the things he wants in new spending.

He's going to be more bipartisan, but first needs to settle some scores with those rebellious Republicans who he really doesn't much care for.

He wants to change the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy with the military, but he's been president for a year and has had the power to do that any time he really wanted.

He wants to help small businesses, but sure hopes he doesn't help them enough to become big businesses, because then he's going really crack down on them for being successful.

And we're going to have spending controls, but not until the election is over and members of Congress are able to spend their way to re-election.

Throwing everything in the kitchen into an omelet probably doesn't do much more than risk a stomach ache, but the Obamalet is toxic to the credibility of both Congress and the commander in chief.

In a time of crisis, breaking and scrambling the eggs leave us with great uncertainty and confusion. We need leaders who are bit more hard-boiled and believe something and can speak with both conviction and clarity.

The state of the union? If the speech this week was an indication, I'd say the state of the union is rudderless confusion.

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