So President Obama went on Leno, where apparently, he offended the mentally and physically challenged. No, not "The View" — the Special Olympics.

Now, in the media, it's easy to find folks defending Obama — they're the same people who would have crucified Bush for the same thing. But maybe they're just going soft; their muscles of manufactured rage now flabby after two months of Obama worship.

So Obama made a dumb joke. But while he's making fun of himself, the joke only works if the phrase "Special Olympics" is seen as a dig. Oddly, Mr. Perfect missed that. But someone at the White House didn't, which is why they apologized well before the show actually aired.

Even in bowling, Obama can throw a preemptive strike.

But the real issue is why the hell our president went on Leno to make jokes in the first place, when should be kicking Geithner's ass.

And remember, this gaffe can only be dismissed in a world where the media's assumptions match those of the president. That's why Obama is immune the way Bush never was, even though Bush's humor derived from mutations of language, not mutations of genes.

Maybe Will Ferrell can write a play about that.

And wasn't Obama supposed to be a worldly leader? One knowledgeable of other cultures and peoples? But how worldly do you have to be, to know that you can't play American DVDs in the U.K.? I found that out years ago when I moved to London and had to throw out all my midget porn.

I miss that crap.

Look, Obama did nothing wrong. He wasn't being mean and he just made a joke. But here at "Red Eye," I give everyone a pass. The MSM however, seems only to tolerate insensitivity from ideological bedmates.

And that — not Obama's bowling — is what's truly retarded.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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