The news that is not White House approved...

Obama's New Pal

President Obama promised on the campaign trail to engage our adversaries without preconditions. Well, America, in that spirit, the president has a new pen pal: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

According to The Washington Post, the president wrote Mr. Kim a secret letter that was delivered last week to the communist dictator by the administration's special envoy to North Korea. The contents of the letter however remain a mystery, continuing the administration's proud tradition of transparency. The White House said, "We do not comment on private diplomatic correspondence."

I can only imagine that the president's dialogue with Mr. Kim will be just as fruitful as his exchanges with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Unfriendly Skies

The friendly skies were not so cordial last weekend thanks to New York Senator Chuck Schumer. A source told Politico.com that on a flight from New York to Washington, Schumer became angry with a flight attendant and called her the B-word.

The inappropriate outburst came after the U.S. Airways attendant asked the senator to turn off his cell phone. Schumer reportedly asked if he could finish his conversation but he was denied. Soon after Schumer turned to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who was sitting next to him, and called the attendant the B-word.

A spokesman for the senator told Politico.com, "The senator made an off-the-cuff comment under his breath that he shouldn't have made. He regrets it."

Hey, Senator, maybe next time you should do as you're told. Turn off your phone. You're not all that important.

Southern Salahis

First it was the Salahis, but now another apparent mix-up involving uninvited White House guests is coming to light. The AP reports that two months prior to the Salahis' invasion of India's state dinner, a Georgia couple accidentally arrived for their tour of the White House a day early. So instead of a tour, Harvey and Paula Darden were whisked into a presidential breakfast that was being held on the state floor.

Now the White House claims that the Dardens were taken to the breakfast as a courtesy since no tours were being given that day. But the couple is telling a far different story, saying they were never told about the change of plans and simply thought they would be getting their tour.

Sounds to me like the White House and their aides are trying to cover their tails once again.

Luis' Plan

It looks like the notoriously thorny issue of illegal immigration is now officially on the table for President Obama. Congressman Luis Gutierrez and other Democratic lawmakers filed a bill Tuesday that would legalize all illegal aliens in the U.S., stop the program which allows local police to enforce immigration laws and stop any expansion of the Border Patrol or even barriers on the border.

And get this: A month ago, when folks in Colorado got wind of this bill, they took to the streets. Not a good sign of the reception that it's likely get from the public at large.

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