Here's The One Thing...

President Obama has been in office just over two weeks, and he's already given half of the country every reason to say "I told you so," and pushed them away. The people who voted against him said "he's a Marxist, a socialist" and were laughed at.

The less informed voters whispered, "He's a Muslim." They feared that, at best, he would be easy on the terrorists. These people were dismissed as kooks. If I’m president and the country is as split as ours, the first thing I would do is hug the country and extend an olive branch and be everyone's president.

What does Obama do? He turns the message of hope and change into scandal, double standards and doom and gloom, and he shoves the most outrageous spending package the world has ever seen down our throats, using dire warnings to scare us. And last night Obama said he inherited a huge deficit wrapped with a red bow.

So, of course, the best way to overcome this deficit is with this giant spending bill, which is socialist in nature. And after all the claims of bipartisanship, the president goes to Nancy Pelosi and says draft a trillion dollar spending package with no Republican voices, and include in it condoms, overseas abortions and $87 million for a polar icebreaking ship.

I thought the ice caps were melting?! When the president was campaigning, no one was even allowed to mention that he has Muslim family members. But starting at the inauguration that all changed:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers.


That's the first time a president put them in that order. Then he did his first interview with an Arab TV station


OBAMA: I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries.


Great, glad to hear it: but why is it front page news now if it was such a secret before the election? Maybe it's because those who whispered that Obama might go soft on terrorism are starting to look awfully smart. First, it was no more "War on Terror," then it was no more Gitmo. This latest move put him into totally different territory. President Obama has issued an executive order to stop the trial and drop the charges without prejudice against the guy who planned the bombing of the USS Cole and killed 17 service members.

He has to realize how bad that sounds to the average American. Obama has every intention of trying this terrorist, just as long as he gets a judge he likes to hear the case.

Is there anyone within the sound of my voice, not a Republican or Democrat, who is now saying "wait a minute!" What is he doing? What is our end game? For a guy who understands image as much as he does, how did he not notice how bad this all looks, and how would you feel if you were the commander of the USS Cole?

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